e2v set to manufacture CMOS sensors for TAOS II telescopes

Imaging solutions provider e2v has been awarded a contract to supply a set of 40 large-area CMOS imaging sensors for three ground-based telescopes as part of the Transneptunian Automated Occultation Survey (TAOS II) initiative.

The contract was awarded by the Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics (ASIAA) in Taiwan.

TAOS II will measure the size distribution of small objects at the edge of our solar system in the Kuiper Belt and beyond. These objects are of scientific interest because they provide important information on the formation and dynamic evolution of the solar system.

The three medium-sized telescopes — which will be operated at the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional at San Pedro Mártir in Baja California, Mexico — will each have a 150mm-diameter focal plane equipped with 10 8.8-megapixel e2v CMOS devices, which will reportedly provide low read noise and high spectral response.