e4metals goes on-line

Centaur Communications and Metalsonline today launched a new venture to help buyers of metal get a better deal.

Part of the e4engineering network, e4metals lets purchasers save time and effort by sourcing the products they need over the web. Once registered, users can request quotes online from a range of suppliers. As well as being the most comprehensive source of UK metals suppliers on the net, the site provides technical information and expert advice.

Although many sites claim to provide a directory of suppliers, e4metals is unique in allowing buyers to request quotes online through its ‘equote’ system. After registering, buyers simply select the product they want to buy, and the database searches for suppliers who can meet their needs. One more mouse click, and each supplier is asked by email to forward a competitive quote via the site.

Buyers who’ve tried the equote system say that having one point of contact for all their metals purchasing decisions saves time and effort. All requests for quotes and responses from suppliers are stored on the user’s own page, so they can access them at a convenient time. Even better, the service is completely free for buyers.

David Booth, Managing Director of Metalsonline said: ‘Traditionally, sourcing metals has been risky and time-consuming. We took a fresh look, and came up with a new way of working that helps buyers get a better deal, and sellers reach a wider market. Over 90% of British businesses expect to be trading online by 2002, and we want to help the metals industry exploit the opportunities this presents.’

Commercial Director Paul Booth added: ‘We’re delighted that Centaur has recognised the impact that Metalsonline has already made on the way metals are traded. We look forward to working with Centaur to help buyers and stockholders do business better.’

Arvid Jayal, Publishing Director for Centaur Communications’ www.e4engineering.com portal added that the new relationship was a win-win situation for both Centaur Publishing and Metalsonline.

‘We are delighted to be working with an organisation of the calibre of Metalsonline. This co-operative relationship will enable the large number of engineers that we have attracted to the e4engineering site to conduct serious business to business relationships online, adding to the importance of the e4engineering site as the premier UK portal for engineering. ‘

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