East meets EADS in partnership package

The partnership package between EADS and the Russian Aviation and Space Agency Rosaviakosmos has been finalised, which will lead to thousands of jobs for Russian engineers.

The partnership package between EADS European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company and the Russian Aviation and Space Agency Rosaviakosmos has been finalised.

EADS will now start direct negotiations with Russian industrial partners in order to launch the process to organise investment in favour of the Russian aerospace industry by the partners.

Philippe Camus, Chief Executive Officer of EADS, and Yuri Koptev, General Director of the Russian Aviation and Space Agency announced the news at a joint press conference today in Moscow. EADS and Russia will set up joint companies to manage the co-operation programmes.

‘This long term partnership will create some thousands of highly qualified jobs in the Russian aerospace industry and is worth some EUR 2.1 billion in revenues over the first ten years,’ said Yuri Koptev. The partnership package embraces the fields of civil aviation, military transport aircraft, helicopters, fighter aircraft and space technology.

The Russian industry will participate in programmes which are already running successfully, like the A320 family, or which are due to start production in the near future, like the new superjumbo A380, the satellite navigation system Galileo or the military transport aircraft A400M.

In the civil aircraft sector, Russia will do co-design work and series production of derivative components.

Russian factories will be certified as suppliers for Airbus and Russian scientific institutes will do research in the areas of aerodynamics, calculation, wind tunnel testing, evaluation of metals, special tools and machines, acoustics and new simulation models.

This includes a participation in the A380 passenger and freighter programme.Airbus will set up an engineering centre in Russia, which will employ 150 Russian engineers.

In the A400M programme, Russia will be offered the opportunity to design and manufacture landing gears, fuselage components, engine mounts and metal parts of the horizontal stabiliser.

In the field of fighter aircraft, the co-operation in the MiG-29 upgrade will be continued. The EADS subsidiary Eurocopter will start a pre-feasibility study of payload and a market study for the heavy helicopter Mi 38. A prototype will then be jointly developed.

The space sector includes the existing launch companies Starsem and Eurockot, research and development of re-entry technologies, Russian participation in the European satellite navigation system Galileo and propulsion technology.

The programmes will start immediately after the signature of the contracts between EADS and the industrial partners on the Russian side.