Easy raster to vector for small companies

A raster-to-vector converter from Softcover, Scan2CAD, lets design engineers convert scanned drawings into accurate DXF files for easy editing in any CAD program. This software works with any size of scanner, from hand-held up to A0+.

Drawings of up to 32Mb in size can be output as a DXF file to all the CAD systems that accept this industry standard. Scanned images are then converted using a default conversion setting for different types of drawings: mechanical, electrical or sketch, for example. Users can finetune the conversion setting to get the best possible conversion. Different parts of a drawing can be converted with different settings and auto-merged into one composite DXF file. The settings can be saved for re-use.

As standard, Scan2CAD has a range of raster and vector editing tools, a raster and vector overlay facility, zoom, speckle removal by a user-defined number of pixels, deskew (rotate) raster image, retain line orthogonality, and many others. It can convert all of a drawing with one setting or selected parts with different settings or automerge conversions with different settings into one composite DXF file.

Scan2CADv4.5 runs on Windows 3.1, 95 and NT. Your PC needs a minimum 166MHz Pentium and 8Mb RAM.

Softcover Tel: 0171 259 2100