Easy to have a look at 3D

People who have a PC on their desk can now have a look at memory 3D solid models created on standard CAD systems. SolidView, from CA-based Solid Concepts and distributed by Bix Computer Applications, allows engineers on a network access to 3D designs.

One example where this could be an advantage would be where models created on a proprietary CAD system in the engineering design department could be transferred to team members in other departments who could view and comment on them.

The software can be used by anyone running Windows 3.1, 95 or NT. Operated via a standard Windows interface, users can view, measure, annotate and distribute STL, DXF and OBJ files output by virtually all 3D CAD systems.

IGES surface and solid data can also be imported for viewing and measuring. Multiple views can each have their own annotations and measurements, and the models can be rotated, zoomed and panned, as well as shaded at high speed. Users can even view cross sections to see interior design features.

A feature recognition capability automatically identifies design features such as faces, edges, holes and arcs. The software also allows for easy dimensioning and measurement of design features, as well as rapid calculation of statistics such as surface areas and mass properties.

For management and marketing departments, who are only going to be occasional users, there is a cutdown version of Solidview called SolidPlayer, which means the full version does not have to be bought.

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