Easy to order, easy to set up

If you thought it was difficult to specify the right servo, let alone set the thing up, then maybe Control Techniques has the answer. It claims its M’Ax single axis, 380-470V, 15Nm servo can be ordered off the shelf, and connected and set-up in minutes by non-specialists.

That’s not to say that this isn’t a performance unit. It is. And you can build up as many axes as you need on a distributed architecture.

Using the M’Ax with CT’s Unimotor SLM servomotors provides further benefits. Four-wire DriveLink gives fast digital data transfer, while the Unimotor SLM map details are automatically down-loaded to the drive on power-up, allowing the M’Ax to be run, on load, without going through all the traditionally complex set-up routines.

Control Techniques Tel: 01686 612900