Eaten by worms…

Millennium Plastics Corporation has developed a new range of biodegradable golf tees that are literally eaten after use.

Since the new Solplax biodegradable golf tees dissolve in water, when left in the ground, they are digested by micro-organisms. The only byproducts are non-toxic water and atmospheric gases.

Millennium Plastics are expecting that many environmentally friendly golf venues will tee off with the new products, which are expected to eliminate the need by courses to recover the enormous number of standard types of tees that often litter their tee boxes, damage mowing equipment and cause injury by creating flying debris.

Millennium Plastics Corporation owns the worldwide patent rights to the new polymer and coating technology used to make the tees, which was invented in 1995 by Solplax of Ireland.

International patent attorneys in Europe and the United States have confirmed that the patent is comprehensive and durable, having been written by the developers of the technology and a scientific team with specialization in PVA polymers. Independent evaluations carried out in London and at Trinity College of Dublin have also endorsed these conclusions.

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