Eden goes ticketless

In what is claimed to be a world first, The Eden Project has announced that it is to launch a completely paperless ticketing service.

Visitors to the Cornish attraction will soon be able to order, purchase and redeem tickets using nothing more than their mobile phones. Until now mobile ticketing has included a step involving a customer service representative for payment and most of the time a print-out.

The system has been developed jointly by The Eden Project and Bristol-based mobile ticketing expert Swiftpass. It is underpinned by the Norwegian LUUP technology that enables consumers to send and receive payments via their mobile phones. According to Jeff Berry, Managing Director at Swiftpass, the new system represents the world’s first large scale implementation of mobile ticketing that incorporates payment and fulfilment through the handset.

Customers simply order tickets for the attraction via text, pay with their LUUP mobile account and display a barcode ticket on their mobile to gain entrance. As well as being safe and fast, one of the key attractions to the Eden Project, which is an environmental charity, is the fact that it will cut down on waste.