Editing colour images

Specialists in image enhancement and raster to vector software, Rasterex UK is launching a new release of its raster and hybrid raster/vector editing package. RxSpotlight v5.0 includes editing of colour images for the first time.

The program gives the user the same functionality as CAD applications, on raster images. Advanced raster functions include calibration, warping, de-skewing, line-following, raster search and replace and one-touch automatic tracing.

Also in version 5.0 comes a full optical character recognition module in the raster to vector toolset. Users also have the ability to layer raster and vector images, to cut and paste between layers and to assign colour and visibility modes by layer.

Visitors can see the new 32-bit version of the company’s redlining and commenting products at the ICAT show. The package also enables designers to add audio comments too.

Figure 1: RxSpotlight is a raster and hybrid raster/vector editing package

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