EDM across the Internet

Electronic document management is not cheap to set up, especially a well run Intranet solution. To help out, Cimage has come up with some good ideas in its latest version of DM-Net v3.1, a Java-based Internet/Intranet data management system. DM-Net is an Internet approach, reducing the cost of document management by transforming the Intranet ‘view-only’ environment into a fully fledged EDM system.

From a standard web browser, documents can be added into the document management system. Authorised users may check out documents for updating, then return new revision when approved.

Cimage has also tackled a serious problem with the Internet and many Intranets: URLs which point to old versions of files. The problem arises because most URLs point to files on a fileserver. When the file is updated, the URL continues to point to the old document. DM-Net, on the other hand uses the document’s index properties to identify it, in order to ensure that the user gets the latest version.

If Image’s viewing and mark-up software is used together with DM-Net, users can review and annotate most forms of document, including large engineering drawings, across multiple, and geographically remote sites.

DM-Net v3.1 connects to Cimage’s Document Manager Server running on Microsoft Windows NT, SUN Solaris, IBM AIX or HP-UX. It works with Web browsers which support HTML3 or higher and JavaScript. DM-Net is supported with Microsoft’s Internet Information Server.


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