Edmund Optics introduce new TEC diode lasers

The new violet and blue TEC diode lasers from Edmund Industrial Optics are said to feature excellent wavelength stability, power and pointing accuracy.

Their thermoelectric system allows them to operate over a broad temperature range while maintaining the laser diode at 19°C, allowing the lasers to be used in applications demanding consistency and repeatability.

All models are spatially filtered and feature a low-noise, focusable, variable intensity beam.

Their active cooling minimizes mode-hopping, making these lasers suitable replacements for large, expensive gas lasers.

The 404nm diode is ideal for medical applications, fluorescence and confocal microscopy, spectroscopy, flow cytometry, and optical storage.

The 440nm diode can be used as a replacement for HeCd and Argon-Ion laser sources.

All models include a power supply and feature ESD, over-temperature, and reverse-polarity protection. Both 5mW modules are CDRH certified Class IIIa, whereas the 30mW module is CDRH certified Class IIIb and includes an integrated remote interlock key box.