EEF and MTTA form united front

Two of the largest associations in the engineering sector are to step up their joint lobbying activities in the face of the government’s perceived indifference towards manufacturing.

The Engineering Employers’ Federation and the Machine Tool Technologies Association hope that presenting a united front will give them more influence on issues such as sterling, the energy tax and capital allowances.

The two bodies have worked together on two successive Budget submissions. Future cooperation will include joint briefings for the national daily press, a post-Budget review and lobbying on general government policy.

`There is a feeling that in order to shout with a louder voice we have to join together,’ said an EEF spokesman.

Industry figures at a debate at last week’s Mach 2000 machine tool show in Birmingham called for an umbrella body which would include employers’ representatives and engineering institutions.

However, the MTTA ruled out such a move for now. `It can improve our argument if the message comes from lots of organisations rather than just one,’ said a spokeswoman.