EEF launches initiative

The Engineering Employer’s Federation is launching an initiative to encourage member companies to improve their environmental reporting. A survey by the Business in the Environment organisation last month criticised the engineering and machinery sector because of a poor showing in a survey in which it evaluated FTSE companies against 12 environmental criteria.

The EEF will act as a facilitator for discussions, which should get under way by late summer, aimed at benchmarking environmental reports and agreeing what indicators industry should report on. EEF head of safety and environment Paul Reeve said: ‘Business in the Environment was making a mistake saying engineering is off the pace. There are a lot of companies out there not reporting on good news.’

Meanwhile, a report published this week by the Institute for Manufacturing says UK manufacturers need to improve the efficiency with which they use resources by five to 10 fold to meet the need for sustainability.

This improvement depends on building in sustainability from the product design stage and ‘cannot be considered a bolt-on’, says the report. ‘Environmental management systems such as ISO14001 can lead to more sustainable manufacturing techniques, but stop short of providing the necessary holistic view,’ says the IfM.