Electric Boat receives $3.2m

General Dynamics Electric Boat has received a $3.2m contract to continue development of the next phase of external electric actuators that can be used for submarine steering and diving planes.

The development includes key design features for external high-torque electric actuators that can be used to replace conventional hydraulic systems for the planes.

According to Electric Boat, studies have shown that there is the potential for savings in installation and maintenance costs if hydraulics are replaced by electric actuators.

The NavalUnderseaWarfareCenter awarded the Phase 2 contract to Electric Boat under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency/Navy Tango Bravo Program. Electric Boat is also working on a concept for shaftless propulsion under Tango Bravo.

The Tango Bravo program is focused on developing advanced technologies that would meet stringent submarine performance requirements while reducing ship-acquisition and life-cycle costs and improving the warfighting capabilities and mission adaptability of future submarines.

Under the terms of the latest contract, Electric Boat will develop and build a controller for the electric actuators; develop an energy storage system that provides the same level of system backup for electric actuators as stored oil pressure provides for the existing hydraulic system; and conduct endurance testing of the actuator built in Phase 1.