Electric interconnector

Elia and the National Grid are investigating the potential for an electricity interconnector between Belgium and the UK.

A joint development agreement has been signed between Elia, the Belgian transmission system operator and the UK’s National Grid, to investigate the potential for a 700 to 1,300MW electricity interconnector between Belgium and the UK.

This would be the first electricity interconnector development between the two countries and would provide greater access to electricity markets, promote competition, increase diversity of supply and contribute to energy security in Belgium and the UK.

The agreement calls for initial feasibility studies to be carried out, and sets the framework by which the two companies would jointly pursue the possible future electricity interconnector project.

The European Union (EU) is keen to promote greater interconnectivity between member states to help create a strong European market characterised by transparency, sufficient liquidity and good pricing.

Belgium already has very significant interconnection with neighbouring networks, and the UK has a 2,000MW interconnector with France and a 1,000MW BritNed interconnector with the Netherlands is being built by National Grid and Dutch transmission system operator TenneT.