Electrical Linear Screw Drives

With OSP-E electrical linear drives, positioning in multi-axis systems can be carried out quickly, simply, and to highest levels of precision and individuality.

Positioning with Highest Precision and Repeat Accuracy


With OSP-E electrical linear drives, positioning in multi-axis systems can be carried out quickly, simply, and to highest levels of precision and individuality. For this purpose, Hoerbiger Origa has constructed its module system of linear drives with:


·      Ball screw drives and

·      Trapezoidal screw drives


Ball screw linear drives are ideal for situations where precision and operating speed are paramount, particularly when outstanding flow and running properties are necessary. Trapezoidal screw linear drives are used for precise positioning, when slower speeds, greater forces, and self-locking properties are required.


For both screw drive variations, the module system of these electrical linear drives is available with different screw pitches so that the linear drives can be adapted to the relevant positioning tasks and specific cycle times of the equipment. As a result, this module system can achieve very high speeds up to 1.25 m/sec, as well as extremely low speeds down to 0.005 m/sec.


In standard specification, HOERBIGER Origa linear drives are supplied in 1 mm increments for stroke lengths up to 9000 mm. Even under really harsh operating conditions, these linear drives still deliver a service performance of up to 20,000 km, provided that load restrictions and maintenance notes are observed. They are available for cleanroom class 3 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1.


A current application example of these precision linear drives is the multi-axis system in the laser marking equipment of Walter Möck GmbH. The equipment is used to mark a variety of differently-shaped parts employed in automotive, aerospace, or medical operating equipment for the purposes of comprehensive component traceability. The utmost positioning precision and repeat accuracy are the main requirements of this laser marking equipment.


The multi-axis system constructed of linear drives must also slide into position with minimum vibration and without trailing. Since Möck procures their own motors and controls, all that HOERBIGER Origa requires for the construction of their system are the axle loads, lengths, operating speeds, and details of the motor type with the relevant flange diagram. With the comprehensive module system of this electrical linear and multi-axis drive, optimised positioning solutions are achieved in the shortest time possible.


HOERBIGER Origa is a company of HOERBIGER Automation Technology, a business unit of HOERBIGER Holding AG, Zug / Switzerland. HOERBIGER is active throughout the world as a leading player in the fields of compression technology, automation technology and drive technology. In 2007, its 6,300 employees achieved sales of around 1 billion Euros. The focal points of its business activities include key components and services for compressors and engines, pneumatic and hydraulic systems for vehicles and machine tools, as well as components and systems for shift and clutch operations in vehicle drivelines of all kinds. Through innovations in attractive technological niche markets, the HOERBIGER Group sets standards and delivers cutting-edge solutions for the benefit of its customers.


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