Electricity point

The figure of £3.5bn for the extra electricity that will be consumed by digital TV equipment (Bad Week, 28 January) is interesting.

I wonder if the ‘consultants’ who produced this figure have fallen into the same trap that the manufacturers of ‘energy-saving light bulbs’ often do.

I live and work in Aberdeen, and in this part of the world staying warm is more of a priority than cooling down.

For a significant percentage of the year (increasing as you move north) buildings in which we live and work have to be heated. In this modern energy-conscious age most heating is thermostatically controlled.

Applying some very basic energy-conservation rules it is obvious that energy released into buildings from electrical appliances will reduce the energy required from the heating system. Do you think this is taken into account when producing these figures, or are we meant to assume that all the energy consumed by these devices just disappears?

Stewart Barker
Technical services manager
BJ Tubular Services