Electronics jobs boost for Scotland

Scottish electronics jobs got a boost today with the news that ADC, a US company specialising in transmission and networking systems, is setting up in Glenrothes, in the heart of Scotland’s ‘Silicon Glen.’

ADC, based in Minnesota, is investing $43m (£27m) in its new manufacturing plant, which will manufacture fibre optic, copper wire and wireless telecommunications products for the European cable and telecoms industry. It employs 14,000 people worldwide, and will create more than 1,000 jobs at the Bankhead Park site over five years.

The investment comes on the back of rapid growth in demand for cable TV and interactive services, as well as future demand for higher bandwidth applications and internet-through-TV technology.

ADC already employs 196 people in the UK.

According to locate in Scotland, the government-backed inward investment agency, Scotland now employs 40,500 people in the electronics industry directly, with a further 30,000 in the supply infrastructure. It produces 28% of Europe’s PCs, nearly 80% of Europe’s workstations and 29% of Europe’s notebook computers.