Electronics Workbench adds VHDL/Verilog co-simulation

Adept Scientific has announced a new version of its Electronics Workbench circuit design and simulation software.

Electronics Workbench MultiSim offers co-simulation of VHDL and Verilog, with mixed mode spice simulation. This allows FPGAs and CPLDs to be simulated together with other components of the circuit. The co-simulation is automatic and transparent to the user, so different types of device and elements of the circuit can be modelled together, eliminating the need for multiple simulation tools and ensuring a high quality simulation of the complete layout.

Other key features include team design and RF design capabilities, easy schematic capture and a large searchable database of virtual components with built-in component and symbol editing. You get a wide choice of virtual instruments and analyses, post processing and reporting features, and accurate transfer to PCB layout and data analysis programs.

Adept Scientific Tel: 01462 480213