Electronics you can wear

German clothing manufacturer Rosner has co-developed a jacket with Infineon Technologies that features built-in functions for Bluetooth mobile telephony and an MP3 player.

Called ‘mp3blue’, the electronics are an integral part of the clothing and are controlled by a textile keyboard incorporated on the sleeve.

Electrically conductive fabric sewn into the mp3blue jacket connects up the compact electronics module to the textile keyboard on the left sleeve, and to headphones and a microphone which are integrated into the collar.

The electronics module itself contains an MP3-Player with 128Mbytes of memory, a Bluetooth gateway to a mobile telephone, and a rechargeable battery that can supply the electronics with power for up to eight hours.

The stereo system’s headphones serve a dual purpose – both as an audio output device for the mp3 player and a headset for the telephone. If music is playing on the mp3 player when a call comes in, it is automatically cut off to allow the wearer to hear the caller instead.

The jacket is easy to clean too – it’s only necessary to take the electronics module out of its holder when it needs to be washed.

Targeted at ‘technologically progressive, fashion-conscious men’ – the jacket will be available on the Internet beginning in early August. For more information, click <link>here=http://www.mp3blue.de</link>.

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