The new castor series from Elesa includes their polyurethane tyred RE.FF range with technopolymer wheels, suitable for loads of up to 750kg and for use on floors of tile, asphalt, cement/resin or similar. They are likely to suit industrial trolleys or tra

The RE.FF features a double ball race chassis in zinc plated steel or in stainless steel for arduous environments and minimal turning resistance – an important factor in initial alignment when moving from rest. Traditional swivel and fixed chassis are complemented by total lock braking versions which operate to prevent wheel turning as well as castor rotation. Wheel sizes are available from 80mm to 150mm dia with total height of 107 to 194mm.

Chemical resistance of the RE.FF is good in relation to common industrial chemicals such as alcohols, glycols, weak organic and mineral acids, as well as water and saturated vapour, so ensuring efficient use and castor longevity in temperatures from -20°C to +80°C. Further information on Elesa (UK) Ltd products may be found at www.elesa.co.uk

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