Elf stands guard

Guardmaster has released what it claims is the smallest interlock switch of its type.

‘Elf’ is said to integrate two normally closed contacts into a watertight and dustproof housing and has been designed for use on small or medium duty items of equipment such as printers, labellers and copiers.

Guardmaster says that this type of equipment has, up until now, been unable to accommodate safety interlocks with two safety contacts due to space restrictions.

The new Elf is a tongue actuated safety interlock switch designed to fit at the opening edge of sliding, hinged or lift-off guards and is said to offer up to eight different options for actuator entry.

The Elf is said to benefit from forced guide contacts and a tamper-proof mechanism and operation of the switch is achieved by inserting a specially profiled stainless steel actuator.

A GD2 kit is available for more demanding applications.

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