Elongation reduced

Maintaining an accurate conveying pitch is essential to index drive equipment. Tsubakimoto’s bearing bush chain is said to overcome the problems of wear elongation on chain drives where high precision positioning is essential.

Wear elongation on standard chains results from the constant sliding friction between the chain pins and bushings. In the bearing bush chain, the needle bearing design eliminates almost all pin-bushing wear by converting sliding friction into rolling friction. The roller in the needle bearings separate the pin and bushing surfaces which rub against each other.

The chain’s pin bushing area is filled with a special grease and sealed to keep the grease in and contaminants out.

The bearing bush chain is available in double pitch, double pitch stainless steel and conveyor configurations.

A consistent stopping accuracy of +/-0.5mm has been achieved in tests using a 3m length of RFN bi-pitch bearing bush chain.

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