ElringKlinger set to supply engine parts to BMW MINI

Redcar-based ElringKlinger has agreed to supply engine parts to BMW MINI, making it the only high-volume producer of underbody heat shields in the UK.

The agreement will begin towards the end of 2013, leading to a significant investment of €2.5m (£2m) in an embossing line, an automated press and a specialist gluing equipment machine — creating around 12 jobs at the plant and potentially leading to the production of up to two million units annually for clients, including BMW, Lotus and Bentley.

With the sort of combustion engine found in the BMW MINI range, the exhaust system from the engine to the tailpipe is the biggest producer of heat, after the engine itself.

The underbody heat shields are embossed, providing more rigidity from a lighter gauge of steel and protecting the sensitive parts and modules from heat, as well as preventing local overheating of the car body.