Embedded operating system launched by Dexdyne

Embedded systems specialist Dexdyne has developed Subliminal Linux, an embedded operating system that enables developers to create powerful, scalable, resilient and low-cost control software for embedded applications.

Dexdyne developed Subliminal Linux for use in its WebView product, a solid-state Internet interface. This enables access and control of applications in isolated or demanding environments, using a standard Internet browser as the man-machine interface. Standard interfaces allow WebView to be easily installed in new or existing control systems. Embedded Java applets provide the control interface to the browser.

A major feature of the system is a set of modules that provide an embedded web server capability without the need for conventional disk storage. Version 1.0 has also been optimised and compiled to enable the operating system, embedded web server, internet protocols and user’s application software to run in a minimum of 8Mb of DRAM and 8Mb of Flash RAM.

By basing the embedded operating system on Linux, Dexdyne has created an open, non-proprietary operating system for embedded applications that comes with a wealth of freely available drivers, utilities and support software. Developers can port the kernel and system utilities to a variety of 8/16/32 bit target platforms. By using only the modules that are required, developers can create a system that occupies the minimum memory footprint.