Emissions upgrade

AMEC, the London-based engineering and project management company, has been awarded a contract by Dominion Virginia Power to provide emissions enhancements for its Chesterfield Power Station.

Under the contract, AMEC takes responsibility for the procurement, construction, installation and evaluation of enhancements, such as flue-gas desulphurisation units, for three coal-fired steam electric generating units.

Tim Gelbar, president of AMEC’s Power and Process Americas business said: ‘Energy supply and the environment are two key drivers in power infrastructure investments. Projects like this one highlight the growth we’re seeing in power generation and air quality control systems and the potential to expand our activities in this sector.’

Chesterfield Power Station is Virginia’s largest fossil-fuelled power station and supplies approximately 12 per cent of the electricity used by its four million customers. The value of the project has yet to be announced and work is expected to begin next month.