EMPower’s Airbus development

The UK division of Airbus has used Tecnomatix eMPower software to demonstrate the optimization of manufacturing techniques used in its ‘Wing Box Assembly’ project.

eMPower software from Tecnomatix has been used to simulate and off-line program robot operations in a Wing Box Assembly (AWBA II) project at Airbus. In addition, Airbus UK and its partners have used Tecnomatix software for systems integration and 3D modelling and simulation of cells.

eMPower enabled Airbus to look at design alternatives to see how components interact, and to validate ideas quickly before committing to the cost of manufacturing hardware.

‘The aim of the AWBA project was to evaluate techniques for automating the assembly of large commercial airliner wings, with a view to reducing time and cost of production. eMPower software from Tecnomatix was critical to the project in consolidating all data in producing the full-scale technology demonstrator backed up by a simulation showing the function of an entire production system,’ said Raj Mistry AWBA Project Leader, Airbus UK.

‘Working with our partners who modelled all concepts and designs for hardware in 3-D simulation using Tecnomatix eMPower, we were able to create a 3D virtual environment where we could evaluate different options and optimize processes.’

‘The AWBA II project has demonstrated a practical means of using simulation technology to turn research findings from concept to reality’, said Harel Beit-On, President and Chief Executive Officer, Tecnomatix Technologies.

‘In order to highlight the full potential of the proposed techniques, Tecnomatix took on responsibility for producing a consolidated demonstrator cell simulation using final data models from each of the project partners. Tecnomatix also completed a full-scale production mock-up showing the application of the AWBA II demonstrator principles to the automated assembly of a complete wing box.’

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