EMS have expanded their range of precision drives

EMS the miniature drive specialists have expanded their comprehensive range of precision drives with the addition of two new brushless motors from Minimotor SA. The Smartshell is a conventional brushless motor based around the system Faulhaber self-supporting skew wound coil but with a unique advanced construction. The coil, PCB, laminated stack and front-end cover are all encapsulated together in an injection moulded LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer), giving outstanding mechanical and thermal features combined with superior dynamic performance. The Quickshaft is a brushless linear DC Servomotor with a dimension of just 12.5mm square, yet delivering a peak power of 9.4N at speeds of 2.7m/s and acceleration of 180m/s ².

For an introduction to the entire EMS range and capability please see our newly published product overview.

EMS Product Overview 2008

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