Enclosure system is the flexible option

Rittal reckons it has all bases covered with its TS8 enclosure system. Thanks to the symmetrical design, enclosure elements can be bayed in all directions without the need for an expensive intermediate frame. Elements of the same and different enclosure depths can be combined with one another. If all-round access to the installed equipment is required, side panels can be hinged in next to no time by simply exchanging the fixing components for hinges.

Consistent symmetry means compatibility with Rittal’s PS 4000 system. Current installations can be extended with new enclosures and existing installation material can also be used in the new TS8 system. Machining panels for built-in components, such as fans and filter units, is quick and easy. Proportionally fixed panels mean simple preparation with no need to consider `top’ and `bottom’ when machining.

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