Endress+Hauser calibration facilities set standards worldwide

No manufacturer can calibrate flowmeters more accurately than Endress+Hauser. Recognising the need for quality and efficiency throughout your production processes, particularly in the current economic climate, Endress+Hauser has invested in the world’s most accurate production calibration rig to ensure that all flowmeters leaving its production facilities offer repeatable precision measurement, guaranteed.

Gain confidence with accredited calibration
Unlike many instrument manufacturers and calibration services providers, Endress+Hauser’s calibration facilities worldwide are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, an internationally accepted standard for the operation of a quality and technically competent calibration facility.

Claims of ‘flat spec’ performance in Coriolis flowmeters for example mean very little unless the meters are calibrated on rigs accredited to national and international standards. Endress+Hauser has invested in best in class calibration facilities by maintaining accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 and offering primary calibration for all its flowmeters. While most manufacturers employ the ‘master meter’ method’ using a master meter for the calibration of all other deliverable meters and, therefore, increasing the uncertainty due to reproducibility, Endress+Hauser calibrates all its meters on accredited calibration rigs offering direct traceability through an uninterrupted chain of proof regarding the test equipment. Calibration rigs using a transfer or secondary standard will have real difficulty proving the uncertainty statement of a modern Coriolis meter with claimed accuracy of 0.1% or 0.05%. Using the primary calibration method for all meters, Endress+Hauser offers unparalleled reliability and proof of accuracy statements.

Highly accurate calibration satisfying all requirements
Endress+Hauser Flowtec in Reinach, Switzerland, is home to the world’s most accurate production calibration rig, developed in close cooperation with METAS (Swiss Federal Office of Metrology). This calibration facility offers accredited measuring uncertainty of just ±0.015% allowing seamless verification of a traceable accuracy of ±0.05% in the process instrument. That represents the best in the international league and enables Endress+Hauser to respond to increasingly stringent customer requirements, particularly in the chemical, oil & gas, life sciences and food & beverage industries, where precision is a factor of paramount importance.

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