Endress+Hauser Stamolys analysers

Endress+Hauser Stamolys analysers. The all-round solution for water & wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment is subject to strict regulatory controls, making continuous monitoring of chemical parameters not just a standard practice but a vital need. Designed for use in the water & wastewater industry, Endress+Hauser’s Stamolys colourimetric analyser range offers accurate analysis to optimise plant efficiency.

Stamolys analysers offer continuous online monitoring of a wide range of parameters including ammonium, phosphate, manganese, iron, copper, chlorine, total hardness, nitrite and silicate. The housing design allows easy access to internal components for simple maintenance. The option of a collecting vessel mounted on the analyser ensures a constant head sample is always available. Holding the reagent bottles in a drip pan with leakage detection, it achieves increased safety. In addition, the menu-guided operation makes them user-friendly and allows easy set-up and commissioning. The automatic programmable interval calibration and monitoring of calibration parameters ensure reliability of the measured values. Moreover, Stamolys offers the benefit of optional sample pre-filtration/conditioning for continuous online monitoring of sewage water. 

Self-monitoring operation
The Stamolys requires reduced maintenance due to its automatic cleaning and calibration functions. Additionally, it is self-monitored for automatic troubleshooting, which is made even simpler with the user-friendly plain text error menu. More importantly, it features an integrated datalogger allowing the recording and review of measured values and calibration data.

Endress+Hauser’s Stamolys analysers are available in three housing options – stainless steel, glass reinforced plastic and internal mounting version for maximum application flexibility.  

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