ENER-G partners with Seneca to power three landfill sites

ENER-G Natural Power has partnered with Hartlepool-based Seneca Global Energy to generate up to 3.8MW of renewable electricity at three UK landfill sites.

ENER-G will design, build, finance, operate and maintain three renewable energy facilities at Seneca Global Energy’s landfill sites at Blaydon, near Newcastle; Longhill, Hartlepool; and Gilberdyke, Hull.

The process will convert methane-rich landfill gas into renewable electricity to export to the National Grid.

The landfill gas generation facilities could be operational by March 2013, cutting annual equivalent carbon dioxide (CO2e) from the sites by a total of 117,264 tonnes.

The methane gas will be drawn from the waste through a series of wells and then captured and converted into electricity using ENER-G landfill gas generation equipment, designed and manufactured at the company’s global headquarters in Salford, Greater Manchester.