Energy consumption

SheffieldUniversity is helping DavyMarkham to reduce its energy consumption and become more environmentally friendly. The engineering company is working with engineers at SABRE, a joint venture with the university and the Building Research Establishment, to cut its energy bills and to ensure working areas are energy efficient.

A number of assessments and tests have been made on DavyMarkham’s office blocks and workshops, including an infra-red survey, to understand the company’s current energy usage.

Researchers have discovered that significant reductions in energy can be made through simple refurbishment and education of staff and a 60 per cent improvement is possible with simple modifications to the company’s office blocks. An energy saving of 30 per cent would also be possible if the company addresses losses associated with unwanted ventilation rates, due to leaks in fabric. The university has written a detailed action plan and the first step is to establish an energy conservation committee involving staff from the shop floor to management.

DavyMarkham managing director Kevin Parkin said: ‘The university’s work has kick started us into thinking about our energy usage and the impact this has.’

He added: ‘Working with the researchers has made a big difference to the company, not only to our energy bills, but also our attitudes on sustainability.