Energy for research

Doosan Babcock Energy has announced an £11m project to create a research and development programme in Renfrew, Scotland.

Scottish Enterprise has provided a grant for the project and will support Doosan Babcock Energy’s clean-energy technologies for power-station boilers and associated environmental control technologies.

The grant will help safeguard more than 100 positions, a figure that is expected to double as the centre becomes more established.

Jim Mather, Scottish minister for enterprise, energy and tourism, said: ‘It will make an important contribution towards the government’s goal of increased sustainable economic growth, while also benefiting the environment by providing new insight into cutting harmful emissions.’

Iain Miller, CEO of Doosan Babcock Energy, said: ‘As energy demand increases worldwide, as well as the need for major reductions in CO2 emissions, the need for research becomes ever more important.’

Lena Wilson, chief operating officer of Scottish Enterprise, said: ‘It is vital to our economic success that we encourage more companies like Doosan Babcock to undertake high-value research and development here in Scotland.

‘Scottish Enterprise is committed to working with businesses to develop a culture of continuous innovation and help them both exploit new ideas for commercial advantage and compete successfully in the global market.’

The research centre will develop innovative technologies to meet the global need for cleaner and more efficient power generation. Specific areas covered include environmental control technologies, including carbon capture; asset management of power plants; advanced materials and fuels; and supercritical and ultra supercritical boilers.

The research and development grant provides support for innovative projects across Scotland. Applications for innovative developments at any level are open. For information on eligibility and applying for the grant, companies should visit