Engineering issues tackled

Students in the East Midlands are taking part in the annual Engineering Education Scheme in England (EESE), which is supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

The scheme provides teams of sixth-form students with a teacher, an engineer from a leading company and details of a challenging engineering project. It last six months and is designed to tackle real-life engineering issues.

The results will be shown at one of two celebration days. The first is at HenryFoodCollege in Loughborough on April 24 and a second is at the Dome in Doncaster on April 29. Teams will showcase the work to businesses, engineers and educationalists and receive feedback on the projects.

The HenryFordCollege event is jointly sponsored by East Midlands Engineering and Science Professionals Master Prizes and will be attended by 23 EESE teams. Alongside the schools project, postgraduate students can also receive master prizes, which are awarded to the best technology-based postgraduate project with commercial potential.