Engineers ‘change jobs often to fast-track career progress’

Employees in the science and engineering sectors are likely to change jobs more frequently than employees in other professions in order to progress their careers, a survey has found.

According to the Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI), 59 per cent admitted that, in order to hone their skills and grow their careers, changing employers is more important than remaining with their existing ones.

In particular, more than two thirds of engineering employees are said to have considered gaining experience with multiple employers to be a key asset.

Nearly two thirds (60 per cent) said that they do not feel their current employers are realising their full potential, and 49 per cent of those surveyed do not believe they will be able to progress their careers in the next year at their current organisations.

Dominic Graham, UK director of Kelly Scientific and Kelly Engineering Resources, said: ‘We’re seeing more and more people in the science professions, including engineering disciplines, adopt a more fluid approach to employment.

‘Gone are the days of a job for life. These employees are eager to learn new skills and believe that by constantly being aware of opportunities and moving jobs they are more likely to fast-track their careers.

‘To counter this mindset, employers need to ensure they are offering the most comprehensive development strategies and to proactively promote them to both internal and external audiences.’

The survey also revealed that science professionals particularly feel in demand with employers, with 57 per cent of engineering professionals believing their skills are needed in the workplace — compared with the general average of 46 per cent in the UK workplace.

Nearly 170,000 people in 30 countries participated in the survey, including more than 3,500 in the UK. The complete findings are published in a new report, Autonomous and Empowered Workforce.