Engineous Software releases iSIGHT 7.0

Engineous Software, a developer of engineering design optimisation software, has released iSIGHT 7.0 offering a mix of advancements in technology and improved usability.

On the technology front, the company has added a new exploratory optimisation technique – Multi-Island Genetic Algorithm, an updated Adaptive Simulated Annealing technique, and approximation model enhancements – addition of Kriging and 3rd and 4th order Response Surface Models.

Several Design of Experiments enhancements are also offered. These include rapid coupling for user-supplied DOE techniques, streamlined execution of matrices created outside of iSIGHT, and quick post-processing of externally created datasets.

Equally as important as the new technology features are usability enhancements throughout the iSIGHT interface. They include automatic summary report generation, redesigned approximation interface, distributed processing additions (including an interface with LSF), and expanded user control over optimisation termination criteria.

‘In the near future, we will be expanding the reach of iSIGHT through derivative products, such as iSIGHT-Net and 6SigmaXplorer and, ultimately, through a Web-based, collaborative design environment,’ said Janet C. Wylie, Engineous CEO.

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