Enhanced knowledge based innovation tools

Version 3.0 of Invention Machine’s TechOptimizer is now available from Desktop Engineering. TechOptimizer provides the tools to help you solve engineering problems at a conceptual level.

Within TechOptimizer 3.0, the knowledge base of Effects has been considerably enhanced through the addition of over 2000 new scientific phenomena and innovation examples. These examples have been chosen as representing particularly good technological applications of concepts, and are drawn from across industry worldwide. You can surf this knowledge in order to arrive at a number of good innovative concept solutions. The software will automatically link appropriate technical effects to highlight potential new innovative ways of addressing a requirement.

As well as enhancing the effects, principles and product/process evolution knowledge bases, the latest release also incorporates two new modules. The Process Analysis module, which complements the Product Analysis module, enables thorough, effective value engineering exercies to be undertaken on manufacturing processes. The Patent Analyser module gives you a single, automatic search tool for finding information on the Web and online patent databases.

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