Enhancements made to PC/104

Parvus Corporation has announced that its PC/104 Environmental Fan Card II now comes standard with an onboard elapsed time counter and scratch memory.

These new features enable embedded systems manufacturers to determine time-of-use for systems deployed in the field and to identify specific units by serial number. According to Parvus, this is particularly useful for time-of-use warranty, calibration, repair, and maintenance requirements.

With 2KB of onboard EEPROM memory, the Environmental Fan Card now offers permanent storage of configuration or maintenance information, while integrating a unique serial number for system identification. The board’s elapsed time recorder records the total time with power on and the number of times the unit has been turned on and off (power cycles).

Providing forced-air cooling through two thermostat-controlled fans, the Environmental Fan Card provides intelligent thermal management for embedded PC/104 computer systems. Its dual fans turn on and off, depending on temperature conditions to conserve power and increase product life.

The unit also integrates capacitive humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors, which can be used as alarm indicators of moisture and pressure changes within an enclosed PC/104 system.

The product is available in two versions: one with all three sensors (temperature, pressure, humidity) and another with a temperature sensor only.

Standard features include Form C relay outputs, digital and analogue inputs, power indicator, configuration jumpers, Windows drivers and a software test utility.

Pricing ranges from $187 to $224 each in volume orders of 100+ units, depending on configuration.

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