Entering the ARRK

ARRK Product Development Group has purchased an 82% stake in one of Europe’s leading design, engineering and analysis companies for an undisclosed sum.

It bought 79,400 out of the total of 96,100 shares of the Munich-based PCL Group, the remainder of which will stay with the current management who will continue to manage the business.

PCL, with a turnover of 55 million Euros and 600 employees, is a provider of engineering, design and computer simulation services for the product development process in the European automotive, aerospace and transportation industries.

PCL operates through three branded subsidiaries, P + Z Engineering in Germany, Tesco in Italy and ARTWARE in France, and is a strategic supplier to a number of European blue chip companies including BMW, DaimlerChrysler, EADS, Scania and VW Group.

ARRK, employing around 250 people in the UK, over 400 in Europe and over10,000 world-wide, specialises in the fields of design, engineering, rapid prototyping, pre production services, tooling and selected areas of niche production in plastics and metals.

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