Entire range passes the deluge test

The entire range of EEX’e’ enclosures from Weidmuller Klippon Products has now passed the stringent `Deluge Test’, to ensure that both the enclosures and the contents can withstand water flooding, the sort of treatment that might be encountered in a fire.

The steel and polyester enclosures were independently tested at the ERA test house in Leatherhead to DTSO1:1991: Test schedule for electrical equipment to be installed in areas subject to water deluge systems.

Samples were tested in batches of six from each size of enclosure. These contained assemblies of components which were insulation resistance tested prior to sealing.

Power was applied to raise the temperature of the boxes to 80 degrees C – their maximum operating temperature – and deluge started with chilled (5 degrees C to 10 degrees C) water containing 35g/l of sodium chloride at a pressure between 3.5bar and 4.5bar. The temperature was effectively reduced by half within 4mins. After 3h of this treatment, insulation resistance measurements were again taken and if a single enclosure fell below 10M OHM, the entire batch would be rejected. All the enclosures passed the ERA testing procedure at every stage of the schedule.

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