Environmental Email Alerts in Real-Time

Lascar Electronics Ltd. has introduced the EL-USB-RT; a USB enabled temperature and humidity sensor designed to send email alerts of temperature or humidity readings that exceed acceptable conditions.

The EL-USB-RT, which is connected to a PC via a USB port, is supplied with dedicated software that provides a real-time indication of ambient temperatures between -10 and +60°C and humidity between 0 and 100%RH. These, together with a calculated dew point, can be viewed as either a constantly updated graph, or a numerical indication of the last reading taken.

Users can assign high and low alarms for both temperature and humidity, and the software can be configured to send email alerts as these levels are exceeded. This feature is particularly useful for server room monitoring, where keeping the servers and other network equipment in a controlled environment helps eliminate downtime and minimises the risk of damage to expensive equipment.

The EL-USB-RT is available immediately directly from Lascar Electronics at a price of £29.50 GBP at 1-off. Discounts for quantity are available upon request. To find out more visit the Lascar website at www.lascarelectronics.com or call the sales team on +44 (0)1794 884567.

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