EPLAN, Phoenix Contact and Rittal Offer further Complimentary

Following the success of earlier seminars, strategic partners EPLAN, Phoenix Contact and Rittal are holding a further series of complimentary half day workshops and seminars. These seminars demonstrate how EPLAN, Phoenix Contact’s CLIP PROJECT and Rittal’s Ri4Power design software, can work in synergy offering new solutions that can save time and provide flexibility in the way you design, build and enclose your control cabinets.

Take part in live demonstrations that will look to take advantage of the particulars of each singular software package as well as the collective platform approach. Workshops will demonstrate electrical control design using EPLAN software, through to din-rail assembly and marking with Phoenix Contact’s CLIP PROJECT software, to full integration into Rittal cabinets.

Workshops are to be held in Plymouth (7 October), Telford (14 October) and Rotherham (21 October).  Sessions are free and begin at 12:30 with a complimentary lunch followed by workshops until approximately 16:00.  Registration is requested by emailing details of attendees and preferred venue to register@phoenixcontact.co.uk.

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