ERP satisfies education growth

The Government’s push for education investment has persuaded British Thornton to invest in an ERP system to enhance its manufacturing process.

British Thornton, the 100-year-old furniture specialist, is seeing substantial growth in the education marketplace where it builds, supplies, and fits a wide range of equipment into classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and offices.

The recent government push for education investment has fuelled company growth to the extent that British Thornton has decided on a £100,000 investment in an ERP system to control the manufacturing cycle.

‘We make 8,000 tables, 20,000 cupboards, and 15,000 metres of worktop in a year and we had reached the point where we needed to support our investment in modern machinery and tooling with a comprehensive ERP-led IT infrastructure,’ said Gary Wilks, finance director at British Thornton.

To implement the system, British Thornton chose Cincom, whose MANAGE:Enterprise ERP solution was specifically designed to for SMEs. Implementation and training are underway and the project is expected to be completed in three months.

Benefits to British Thornton include an estimated 20 percent reduction in stock-holding needs, much better management visibility and reporting, and less reliance on individuals within the company.

Cincom has engineered the system for mid-size companies which do not have massive IT resources or the desire to run heavyweight systems. Cincom has traditionally been known for large ERP installations at complex engineering customers such as Rolls Royce, Boeing, or Ericsson.

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