ERP takes charge

ERP supplier Infor:swan has launched an Engineering Change Control (ECC) module for its Swan-32 manufacturing ERP system. The module manages change requests through the approval cycle, the sign-off procedures and controls effective dates.

Infor:swan claims that It puts change control of the build-state firmly within the manufacturing control system rather than the CAD system or a stand-alone PDM system. This prevents unauthorised changes to the manufacturing Bill of Materials and shop floor routings.

Doug Miles, Marketing Manager at infor:swan commented: ‘For many design and manufacturing companies, the engineering change control system is one of the last remaining paper-based business processes. Computerisation will shorten the change cycle and provide instant visibility of change history.

‘However, all companies have a slightly different way of running their ECR system and any computerisation must have the flexibility to match specific ways of working whilst maintaining procedural quality control,’ he added.

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