ESI gets a thrill from a drill

Electro Scientific Industries has obtained an exclusive three-year license agreement with Sandia National Laboratories for use of its patented beam shaping technology.

The technology, used on the company’s Model 5310 Laser Microvia Drill, is targeted at advanced packaging drilling applications down to 25 microns where via quality is important. This imaging and beam shaping technology allows ESI to deliver 25 percent higher throughput by efficient delivery of the laser energy to the work surface.

ESI has shipped over 20 systems with imaging and beam shaping technology. It was first introduced on its 5200 product line and is now being implemented on the Model 5310 Laser Microvia Drill. These systems create very precise micro-vias, enabling ESI’s customers to shrink pad and circuit designs for increased density of the circuit board or package.

The Model 5310 Laser Microvia Drill uses a high-power laser and is capable of drilling vias with a pulse repetition frequency of up to 40 kHz – doubling throughput over earlier methods. This is achieved by using a technique that ‘punches’ the vias rather than the industry standard trepanning method. Featuring imaging and beam shaping technology, the laser beam creates highly circular vias without damaging the copper at the bottom of the via.