European collaboration centre opens

PTC, Sun Microsystems and Warwick Manufacturing Group have launched a European-based collaborative product commerce (CPC) centre. The facility will be located at the University of Warwick’s International Manufacturing.

The Warwick facility will be linked via the Web to other PTC collaboration centres in Boston, Detroit and Tokyo and will be using advanced 3D-simulation technology. The centre will have the capability of linking engineering teams from across the globe on a single project. Using powerful legacy systems integration, it also has the ability to provide the framework for a virtual factory with links to B2B marketplace portals and process planning software.

‘CPC technology is enabling different manufacturing companies to develop and deliver products more efficiently and effectively. Centres such as this one, at Warwick, are laying the foundation for the collaborative future of manufacturing,’ said C. Richard Harrison, president and CEO of PTC. ‘As an industry leader in manufacturing solutions, PTC looks to the future to provide solutions to today’s manufacturing issues.’

‘This new centre will allow geographically dispersed teams across large extended enterprises to work simultaneously on the same design project through sophisticated visualisation, information collection, management and delivery technologies. Our new facilities will also allow small and medium-sized companies to access this technology that previously could only be supported by large multinationals,’ added Professor Kumar Battacharrya of Warwick Manufacturing Group.