European semiconductor market ‘remains weak’

The European semiconductor market remains weak in 2012, according to the Distributors’ and Manufacturers’ Association of Semiconductor Specialists (DMASS).

Sales in the second quarter dropped further against a record 2011 quarter, with DMASS reporting a decline of consolidated sales of 14.7 per cent to €1.46bn (£1.15bn).

Romania, Israel and Russia grew in double-digit terms, while the rest of eastern Europe remained slightly positive. In western Europe, France (-9.8 per cent), the UK (-10.3 per cent), Benelux (-11.4 per cent) and Iberia (-13.8 per cent) reported a decline that was under-proportional, while Nordic countries (-18 per cent), Germany (-21.9 per cent) and Italy (-24.3 per cent) dropped more than average.

The top five countries in sales were Germany (€472m [£369m]), Italy (€139m), the UK (€124m), France (€110m) and Russia (€65m).