EVA expands fleet, adds Airbus

EVA Air will introduce the Airbus into its growing fleet by adding eight of the manufacturer’s A330-200 wide-body aircraft. The first is scheduled for delivery in March 2003: two of the aircraft will be purchased, and six leased.

The aircraft acquisition has been authorised by the carrier’s board of directors, and is pending approval from Taiwan’s Civil Aviation Authority. The new aircraft will replace eight Boeing B767s EVA currently has in service.

In June 2000, EVA Air signed an agreement with Boeing to buy 15 of its advanced, long-range B777-200CR/-300ERs, and will begin taking delivery of these aircraft in July of 2005.

EVA Air’s new A330-200s will be powered with twin GE-CF680 engines, the same used in its B747s and B767s. Fuselage length of the A330-200 is 59 meters (193.52 feet), and wingspan is 60.3 meters (197.78 feet). The aircraft has a take-off weight of 233 tons and a range of 12,038 kilometers (6,500 nautical miles) with full passengers carried.

EVA Air will configure its new 261-passenger aircraft with 30 business class seats and 231 economy seats. In addition to increasing the pitch on every seat, the airline is also installing individual TV monitors for every passenger in both business and economy classes.

EVA Air now operates a fleet of eight B767s, 16 B747s and 12 MD-11s, totaling 36 aircraft. The carrier is adding two more Boeing B747 freighters, one scheduled for delivery in 2001 and another 2002. With existing fleet expansion plans, and following delivery of the 15 B777 aircraft, the EVA Air fleet will include 53 of the most technologically advanced aircraft in the industry.

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