Everything you need for your bright ideas

SIXNET now offers what it describes as an easy way for Integrators, OEMS, or end users to test out Linux IPm industrial technology and their unique ideas together. The IPM-DEMO-1 is pre-wired and ready to plug in and go.

Highlights are said to include a VersaTRAK IPm RTU, ST-MIX16880 combination I/O module, and a 60-day software license.

The VersaTRAK IPm RTU comes with ISaGRAF IEC 61131-3 and open-source programming as well as Ethernet, 4 serial ports, 32+ Megabytes of fast memory and a Linux-based industrial PowerPC.

The combination I/O module with its pre-wired screw terminal base has a total of 16 discrete inputs, 8 discrete outputs, and 8 analogue inputs. The unit has a 24VDC industrial power supply and pre-attached AC line cord, along with pre-wired analogue sensors and discrete switches for simulating inputs.

Everything is packaged in a compact 14″ x 12″ NEMA 4X fibreglass enclosure.

This IPM-DEMO-1 also comes complete with full SIXNET software. The SIXNET I/O Tool Kit includes all options and is ready to configure and test your system. This includes datalogging, advanced I/O transfers, exporting your I/O definitions to your favourite HMI/SCADA software.

The IPM-DEMO-1 also includes the Ipm Application Development Kit (IADK) which allows users’ own applications to run in the IPm RTU. A remote debugger is also provided to perform diagnostics from Linux.

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